Thursday, January 19, 2006

What part of "illegal" don't they understand?

Ok - now that's TWO official oversight groups concluding that Bush broke the law. NONE have decided otherwise.

The Bush administration appears to have violated the National Security Act by limiting its briefings about a warrantless domestic eavesdropping program to congressional leaders, according to a memo from Congress's research arm released yesterday.

The Congressional Research Service opinion said that the amended 1947 law requires President Bush to keep all members of the House and Senate intelligence committees "fully and currently informed" of such intelligence activities as the domestic surveillance effort.

The article also says, in the last paragraph, that the Electronic Privacy Information Center is filing an FOIA request demanding info about domestic spying. That little nearly unnoticed piece of info has the potential to turn into an explosion.

Now - when is the Congress going to behave like a co-equal branch of the United States Government and do something about it?

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