Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We have nothing to fear...

There are some folks who are so damned scared of what might happen to them that they are - as Franklin put it - willing to sacrifice liberty for the sake of temporary safety.

Well, not only is that wrong-headed, but it goes directly in the teeth of what they claim they are defending.

Sacrificing to preserve liberty is not something that is only to be done by young men and women who are sent to fight on foreign soil.

It means being willing to risk a little bit YOURSELF for the sake of liberty. It means being willing to give up a little perceived safety. It means being willing to risk your OWN life for the sake of what you claim are your values.

Surrendering liberty for the sake of safety is cowardice.

If you throw away your freedom for the sake of safety, then it isn't freedom that you are trying to defend - you are just worried about your own skin.

I think the Democrats should adopt a new slogan:

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"

The Republicans are saying "Take away my liberty, just please don't let them hurt me!"

Patrick Henry said the opposite.

So should the Democrats.

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