Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Surprise, surprise

Surprise, surprise. The criminal-in-chief demonstrates his contempt for the law once again:

Bush could bypass new torture ban
Charlie Savage, Boston Globe

When President Bush last week signed the bill outlawing the torture of detainees, he quietly reserved the right to bypass the law under his powers as commander in chief.

After approving the bill last Friday, Bush issued a ''signing statement" -- an official document in which a president lays out his interpretation of a new law -- declaring that he will view the interrogation limits in the context of his broader powers to protect national security. This means Bush believes he can waive the restrictions, the White House and legal specialists said.

"Sure, I'll agree to any damned law you please. But I can ignore it if I want to, cuz that's what a prezidint gits to do."

Is the Boston Globe the ONLY major media outlet that noticed that Bush signed a law and expressly exempted himself from having to follow it? A law outlawing TORTURE, no less?

And what does it take to impeach this piece of human trash?

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