Monday, January 02, 2006

He Spy

"The fact that somebody leaked this program causes great harm to the United States," Bush said.

No, clown-boy, you wiping your ass with the Constitution is causing great harm to the United States.

And your top aide is a leaker. And you know it. So spare us, ok?

This leads to one of two conclusions:

1) Your indignation over "leaking" is as phony as everything else about you; or

2) Karl Rove's leak was acceptable because it was done on your orders.

Or both. And yes, it's both.

Bush's claim is OBVIOUSLY bullshit.

"In other words, the enemy is calling somebody and we want to know who they're calling and why," he said before returning to Washington.

Well, if that's who you were spying on, why didn't you get a warrant? See, the FISA court would have EASILY given you a warrant for THAT. Hell, I would have given you a warrant for that.

We have only your word that that's who you were spying on BECAUSE you didn't get a warrant.

You think any sane person will take your word for ANYTHING? Just because you say it, doesn't mean it's true.


Bush was spying on people whom the court WOULDN'T LET HIM SPY ON. Otherwise, he would have asked for a warrant.

Which means that he WASN'T spying on people who were contacted by terrorists. So who WAS he spying on?

My guess is political enemies and journalists.

Joseph Wilson. Cindy Sheehan. Paul Krugman.

And I think it's time that this liar was placed under oath.

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