Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gunga Dean

This was brought to my attention by reader Kaytoo.

When Howard DEan was guest on her show, Katie Couric tried to repeat the false right-wing claim that Democrats took money from Jack Abramoff. Dean wouldn't let her get away with it.

A pattern is developing: they start with the straight lie ("Democrats took money ... from Jack Abramoff, too, Mr. Dean." - Katie Couric). If it isn't challenged, the lie stands. But if it IS challenged, then they CHANGE it, and load the claim up with qualifiers to prevent it from being a TECHNICAL lie. It remains a blatant deception, but it's technically accurate.

Tracey Schmitt, Press Secretary for the RNC, said this:

"Howard Dean can engage in all the Clintonian word games he wants, but the bottom line is Democrats have been on the receiving end of Abramoff affiliated money."

Notice: She accuses Dean of "Clintonian word games" when SHE is the one obviously playing word games.

What the hell is "Abramoff affiliated money"? If Jack Abramoff bought a Big Mac at a McDonald's , and McDonald's cashier used some of it to give me change, is that "Abramoff affiliated money"?

The fact that the right-wingers have to use such obvious weasel language to pretend that it's a bipartisan scandal just shows how TOTALLY REPUBLICAN THE SCANDAL IS. If it WAS a bipartisan scandal, they wouldn't need to weasel the English language and indulge in bloated, deceptive, gaseous terminology.

"Abramoff affiliated money." Holy crap. Do they think that Americans are idiots that they won't spot such an obviously deceptive use of the language?

Not one Democrat received a DIME from Jack Abramoff. PERIOD.

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