Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Farris Hassan

Do you realize that the borders of Iraq are so porous that a KID managed to get to Bagdhad?

If you want to know how thoroughly open we left Iraq to incoming Al Qaeda terrorists, and how totally out-of-control the place is, think about that.

But you know what else bothers me?

A 16-year-old in a journalism class wanted a good story so badly that HE went to Baghdad.

While our professional grown-up reporters just repeat White House press releases.

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Marc said...

It is tempting to praise Farris for his resourcefulness and his courage. He will have great stories to tell for a lifetime. As a journalist, I wish I could spend if only a few days in Iraq to cover the biggest news story of the past three years. But the skills and balls Farris used to reach Baghdad, and return in one piece, are outweighed by his stupidity — a trait he will have to overcome if wants to succeed, and live, as a journalist. As his mother concluded, in a tremendous understatement: "He showed a lack of judgment."