Friday, January 13, 2006


It's a show. Which is why I don't write much about it. The Senate Hearings are a way for your elected representatives to pretend that they are doing something and to strut for the cameras. Alito would have to pull his pants down and moon the chamber for the Republicans not to vote for him, and even that might not be enough. They have NO standards.

Alito lied to the Senate in his first confirmation hearing. If that isn't enough to disqualify you, what is?

If you apply for a job as a burger flipper at McDonald's and refuse to answer the questions at your interview, you don't get the job. But a lifetime appointment of enormous power? For THAT one, it's OK not to answer questions.

The Senate should publicly plumb the depths of a nominees' soul. Instead, they let him get away with equivocation and transparent bullshit. And they expect you and me to pretend that that's acceptable.

There's nothing to say. The system is broken.

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