Monday, January 09, 2006

Correct the lies.

The Republicans are trying like MAD to deflect and muddy the waters in regard to the Abramoff scandal. They are DESPERATE to spread the false meme that the Democrats are somehow implicated in the scandal, too. Their success at doing this can be seen by the reaction of some to Howard Dean's setting the record straight on CNN last night. Disbelief. Some are behaving as though DEAN was the one who was not being honest.

Well, Dean WAS the one telling the truth and the Republicans are LYING.

And they are so brazen that they will baldly lie about something even when the facts are easily checkable.

The records of Federal Election Commission are public. Here's the FEC website's search engine.

Go to that URL, Type in "Abramoff, Jack" and you will get a list of everyone he has given money to.

There is not a single Democrat on that list. LOTS of Republicans, including many very familiar names, and right-wing PACs. Democrats? ZERO. Dean is correct, and it is easily provable. The Republicans are lying and whores like Wolf Blitzer are repeating the lies.

The Republicans WISH this was a bipartisan scandal, and they are trying to get their media minions to muddy the waters by repeating what are plain lies.

It won't work. People like Dean won't let them get away with it.

It's about TIME somebody called them on their lies.

And if you run into any right-wingers repeating the claim that Abramoff gave money to the Republicans, send them right to FECs website above, and ask them to FIND one.

Set the record straight.

ENOUGH of the lies.

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