Monday, January 23, 2006

Just trust me

"There have been no documented abuses of the patriot act" - George W. Bush

Interesting that you felt the need to modify "abuses" with a qualifier, George. Why is that?

"Congress gave me additional powers to use force, but it didn't prescribe the tactics."

Why don't you show me a single Congressman who actually thought that an authorization for war could be stretched to mean "authorization to do any damned thing I please"?

The president dismissed accusations that the eavesdropping program is illegal, saying that only calls initiated from overseas from suspected al-Qaida affiliates to the United States are monitored.

But George, you would have no trouble getting a WARRANT to easvesdrop on calls made by "suspected Al Qaeda affiliates."


We only have YOUR WORD that that's who you were spying on. No sane person trusts your word anymore.

Do you think you have a sterling record of honesty?

"Trust me - Iraq has WMDs."

"Trust me - it will be a cakewalk."

"Trust me - nobody in this administration was the leaker."

"Trust me - Osama Bin Laden, Dead or Alive."

"Trust me - I'll balance the budget in five years."

"Trust me - I'll keep oil prices under control."

"Trust me - we would never authorize torture."

"Trust me - I've never met Jack Abramoff."

Some record, George.

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