Saturday, January 07, 2006

America wants Democrats

At least THIS week:

In an ominous election-year sign for Republicans, Americans are leaning sharply toward wanting Democrats to take control of Congress, an AP-Ipsos poll finds. Democrats are favored 49 percent to 36 percent.

The question is: do the Democrats have enough balls to take advantage of it? Or are they going to keep acting like scared rabbits who are afraid of getting on Karl Rove's bad side?

Hell, we should take a page from the Ex-Lizard of the House, Newt. When he was on his campaign to bring Jim Wright down, he intoned over and over again, "Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt." He was on those words like a trap on a wolf.

Well, the Republicans ARE "corrupt, corrupt, corrupt" and the Democrats should repeat that charge like a mantra.

And the other thing that they should repeat is "privacy." The Republicans actually ARE opposed to privacy, and they are on record about that. Well, that HORRIFIES most people. Bbut unless attention is drawn to it again and again, people won't think about it. Make them think about it.

Right now, the Democrats have a golden opportunity to create a public narrative about what they stand for, and to force the Republicans to go on public record with the most extreme and unpalatable parts of their agenda.

Make them. For God's sake, act like Democrats.

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