Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Should the Democrats filibuster Alito? Of course they should. And a few phone calls to them would help.

Leaving all of Alito's far-right ideology aside, the breaking point is simple: he lied to the Senate in his first confirmation hearing. He said he would recuse himself and he didn't. Well, pardon me for pointing this out, but if you lie to the Senate to get confirmed, you shouldn't get confirmed twice. In fact, I think that should be grounds for impeachment.

Another reason to filibuster? The right-wingers want it. Many of them are on record as saying that they want a knock-down drag-out judicial fight, and that's WHY they are glad Bush nominated Alito. See, they are a pack of adolescents in need of validation. If they are given a fight over Alito - a real ideological battle - it will prove to the children that they have arrived as a political power. So give them a fight, and if they whine about the Democrats being obstructionist, beat them over the head with their own quotes.

And if Alito tries that crap - and you know he will - about how he can't answer any questions about how he will rule because that would be prejudging the case, trumpet his own statements about those matters and ask why he's ashamed of his own record.

The man wants to overturn Roe v Wade.

He wants to give the President nearly dictatorial power.

He wants to disintegrate the separation of church and state.

And he lied under oath.

If the Democrats don't fight this one - what WILL they fight?

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