Monday, January 30, 2006


Here are the Democrats who voted not to filibuster:

Lincoln (AR) 2006,
Salazar (CO) 2006
Lieberman (CT) 2006,
Inouye (HI) 2006,
Dorgan (ND) 2006,

Carper (DE) 2008,
Nelson (FL) 2008,
Akaka (HI) 2008,
Nelson (NE) 2008,
Bingaman (NM) 2008,
Cantwell (WA) 2008,
Byrd (WV) 2008,
Kohl (WI) 2008,

Landrieu (LA) 2010,
Baucus (MT) 2010,
Johnson (SD) 2010,
Rockefeller (WV) 2010,

If any of these represent you, call them and tell them that they AREN'T representing you, and that you intend to try and replace them with a Senator who will.


Anonymous said...

I wish I lived in a state where any of these Dems live. I'd certainly let them know they have let us down.

On a side note, I just want you to know I check your blog EVERY day and encourage you to keep up the fantastic site. I surf the net regularly and you should know your site is one of my top 5 favorite sites. Your opinion on issues is generally balls on.

Please are a valuable and appreciated part of my day.

Thanks so much.


Ted W

Iggy said...

[flabbergasted and speechless]

Thank you.