Friday, February 04, 2005

Wanna Buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

In New York State, Governor George Pataki (R-Spendthrift) is proposing leasing the bridges and highways to private corporations, and let them try to make a profit by collecting tolls.

Gov. George Pataki is proposing to sell or lease the state's transportation assets for large infusions of cash. Private companies would run them and collect tolls to make a profit, which critics say could cost taxpayers more in the long run.

And last week, MTA Executive Director Katherine Lapp told state lawmakers the Second Avenue subway line could be a candidate for privatization.

Apparently, these clowns are unaware that the subways STARTED as private companies and were taken over by the Government because they didn't make any money. And they've NEVER made money. I don't think ANY subway has ever made money.

The question I have about Republicans is: are they stupid? Or is the fiscal irresponsibility actually INTENTIONAL? Do they actually cause the government to go bankrupt on purpose, so that they have an excuse for private corporations to take over? I really think the latter might be the case, because it's hard to imagine any other explanation for it.

For those who don't know, Pataki's reign as governor has been one of GROSS financial mismanagement. He did the Republican thing: intentionally bankrupted his own state for short term political gain. He instituted something called the STAR program (School TAx Relief) which emptied the state treasury so he could send every homeowner a check with his name on it during an election year.

Short version: The municipalities used to pay for the public schools. But the STAR program moves a giant chunk of that cost to the State Level - WITHOUT saving the municipalities any money. In fact, it COSTS the municipalities money, since they are legally obligated to administer it even though it's the State's program.

It is blowing a 500-million-dollar hole in the State's budget every single year.

And now, New York State has no money, and the Governor is thinking of selling off the State's assets to make up for the shortfall that he created.

A theoretically intelligent man CAN'T be that foolish.

It almost HAS to be intentional.

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