Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fiscal Insanity

You know what may be the most amazing thing about Bush's "cut everything but the tax cuts" budget? It still doesn't do a damned thing about the deficit. The budget-from-the-asylum actually calls for a RECORD deficit - 427 billion dollars. And it runs a record deficit WITHOUT including Iraq, WITHOUT include Afghanistan, and of COURSE it doesn't include all the money he wants to spend for the privilege of destroying Social Security.

But it DOES include a proposal to borrow 170 billion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund.

Gee, what an ODD way to show his concern for SS's future solvency. Dip into the trust fund.

And you know what's even more ridiculous? You COULD pay down the deficit just by rolling back those bloody tax cuts. Tax cuts that haven't done a damned THING to stimulate the economy.

But rather than having rich folks pay a reasonable amount toward the support of their own country, Bush wants to cut money for Veterans, for Farmers, for Cops, for Firemen, for Senior Citizens, the Children, the Poor, and the Enviroment. What's left? Puppies and kittens?

There ARE a few increases in Social spending in the budget, but look at the priorities:

There is a $304 million proposed increase to build Community Health Centers in "every poverty stricken county in the country." Ah. Sounds like a lot of money. But he wants to spend THREE TIMES that amount - 1 BILLION dollars - to build a SINGLE embassy building in Iraq.

A One Billion Dollar BUILDING.

While proposing less than one third of that to build what he claims will be DOZENS of Community Health Centers.

He want to spend tons of money on a single building in a foreign country, while spending one THIRD of that on something to help millions upon millions of sick, poor kids right here in America.

And that tells what this guy is really all about.

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