Saturday, February 05, 2005

Liberal media

The AP Headline says:

Dean's Bid to Lead Dems Gets Mixed Views

The article, written by Will Lester, says:

"Some Democrats worry about the image Dean projects: anti-war Northeastern liberal from Vermont, the state that led the way on civil unions for gays. Amid all the talk of values, Democrats wonder if Dean would be an albatross as they try to make inroads with conservative-leaning voters in the South and Midwest."

But - strangely - it does not contain a single actual quote or a single actual name from ANY Democrat who actually said that, or said anything negative about Dean whatsoever.

And note that the above paragraph sounds like the caricature of liberals one hears on Rush Limbaugh. "Anti-war Northeastern Liberal."

I'd be willing to bet that some Republican TOLD Will Lester that "Some Democrats worry about the image Dean projects" and Lester dutifully repeated it what the Republicans told him to say.

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