Thursday, February 24, 2005

Is that German for "Bush"?

Heh. Nice name for a nuclear reactor project.

President Vladimir Putin last week cleared the way for the $1 billion Russian-built Bushehr reactor project to go ahead when he said he was sure that Tehran -- branded part of an "axis of evil" by Washington -- had no plans to make atomic arms.

Bush doesn't seem to realize that other people will pursue THEIR best interests, not his. It would be bad for HIM if Russia helped Iran with nuclear materials - and he actually thinks Russia will give that much consideration. But he doesn't seem to understand that he has to give Russia a reason not to. It can't just be a P.R. offensive. You have to bring something pragmatic to the table. Once you leave the United States, backslapping and pretending to be a cowboy stops impressing people.

Russia is helping Iran because it makes economic sense. Money. Which is - let's face it - the justification for approximately 92.6% of all United States foreign policy. But Bush doesn't get that he would do the same thing if he was Vladimir Putin.

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