Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Don't Worry, Kyoto (Bushie's only looking for his hand in the snow)

Ok - so Kyoto is in effect, but it won;t actually do much because we have refused to sign on to it.

"Seven years after it was negotiated, the Kyoto global warming pact went into force Wednesday — imposing limits on emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that many scientists blame for warmer temperatures, melting glaciers and rising oceans.

The United States, the world’s largest emitter of such gases, has refused to ratify the agreement, saying it would harm the economy and is flawed by the lack of restrictions on emissions by emerging economies China and India."

You stupid, short-sighted imbeciles - The State of Florida being under water would hurt the economy, too. Duh.

Let's see - what do you have if you have superpower that believes that it has no need of the rest of the world, and can maintain its hegemony purely by military might?

So it runs giant debts in order to build up its own military might, while neglecting everything else?

You have the Soviet Union, that's what you have.

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