Monday, February 14, 2005

82 billion

82 billion MORE dollars that he doesn't actually account for.

President Bush asked Congress on Monday to provide $81.9 billion more for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and for other U.S. efforts overseas, shoving the total price tag for the conflicts and anti-terror fight past $300 billion....

Bush asked lawmakers to pay for the new spending by borrowing the money — which will make huge federal deficits even larger.

As usual, Bush wants gigantic sums of money, but DOESN'T WANT TO INCLUDE IT IN THE BUDGET.

More borrowing. God forbid that this administration pay for its own stinking war. That would actually require responsibility. So let's just keep piling up debt until the country crumbles under the weight. What the hey, it probably won't happen till after Bush is out of office, so why should he give a crap?

And when it happens, these bastards will blame Clinton.

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