Monday, February 28, 2005

Make him eat it.

This was in the Washington Post:

President Bush is still in the opening phase of a campaign to sell the public and Congress on his ambitious plans for Social Security, but some Republicans on Capitol Hill have decided it is not too early to begin pondering an exit strategy.

With polls showing widespread skepticism of Bush's proposed individual investment accounts and Democratic lawmakers expressing nearly uniform opposition, some allies of the president are focused on possible split-the-difference deals.

Now, this may sound like the Democrats are winning this debate, and they are. But why on EARTH would they cut a "split-the-difference" deal? Bush is trying to stuff something totally unpopular down America's throat. He has tied his reputation to a lead balloon.

No compromise - stuff it down HIS throat. Make him EAT privatization. Tie it around his neck like a stinking Republican albatross. This should be a ROUT, and I will be REALLY pissed if the Democrats "compromise in bipartisan fashion" with these extremist partisan clowns who ONLY try to cut deals when they are about to LOSE.

"Split-the difference," my ass.

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