Monday, February 14, 2005

Oh, for a healthy religious left.

Via the Gutless Pacifist(a must-read blog for religious lefties, by the way).

An interfaith group including several major Christian denomination is issuing an official statement regarding the fundamental immorality espoused in the proposed Bush Budget. It includes a link for a letter to be sent to Congress.

"More and more faith leaders are lining up to oppose the budget plans presented this week by George W. Bush. Today a group of interfaith organizations released the following statement calling on our leaders in Washington, DC to adopt a moral budget that protects God's creation and the least of these among us. Take a few minutes to read it and then send your own message to Congress. Without the active role of people of faith our health care system, schools, affordable housing projects, and environmental protections will all be cut to pay for tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest Americans. God calls us to do better."


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