Wednesday, February 16, 2005


We have no money at all for helping to make sick people get wel, but tons of cash to spend on this horseshit. Nick Kristof:

"You see, for all the carnage in President Bush's budget, one program is being showered with additional cash - almost three times as much as it got in 2001. It's "abstinence only" sex education, and the best research suggests that it will cost far more lives than the Clinton administration's much more notorious sex scandal.

Mr. Bush means well. But "abstinence only" is a misnomer that in practice is an assault on sex education itself. There's a good deal of evidence that the result will not be more young rosy-cheeked virgins - it will be more pregnancies, abortions, gonorrhea and deaths from AIDS....

But abstinence-only education isn't primarily about promoting abstinence - it's about blindly refusing to teach contraception."

Our country is in the hands of blind ideologues without an ounce of sense.

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