Monday, February 14, 2005

Good move, George.

How long will it be be before America finally notices that everything Bush touches turns to shit?

We spent billions of dollars, tens of thousands of lives, hundreds of thousands of arms, legs, lungs and eyes (and yes, I actually DO have the nerve to count the Iraqi dead among the losses), and to do WHAT? Give Iran a new ally in the Middle East and install an Islamic Theocracy.

When the Bush administration decided to invade Iraq two years ago, it envisioned a quick handover to handpicked allies in a secular government that would be the antithesis of Iran's theocracy -- potentially even a foil to Tehran's regional ambitions.

But, in one of the greatest ironies of the U.S. intervention, Iraqis instead went to the polls and elected a government with a strong religious base -- and very close ties to the Islamic republic next door. It is the last thing the administration expected from its costly Iraq policy -- $300 billion and counting, U.S. and regional analysts say.

Here's the graphic from the Washington Post:

See the guy on the bottom? That's the guy Bush wanted to win. See the guy on the top? That's Iran's closest ally in Iraq.

I love this quote from the article:

Added Rami Khouri, Arab analyst and editor of Beirut's Daily Star: "The idea that the United States would get a quick, stable, prosperous, pro-American and pro-Israel Iraq has not happened. Most of the neoconservative assumptions about what would happen have proven false."

Correction: Every damned ONE of them has proven false, and these clowns STILL refuse to admit that they ever made a mistake in their whole, error-ridden lives.

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