Friday, February 25, 2005

Russian Free Press

Actually, their press sounds freer than ours. Can you imagine one of OUR reporters doing this?

BRATISLAVA (Reuters) - Incensed by U.S. talk of a lack of press freedom in Russia, two Russian reporters tried to turn the tables on President Bush during his summit news conference with Vladimir Putin Thursday.

After Bush said he had raised concerns about Russia's democracy in talks with the Russian president and felt reassured, he suddenly found himself on the defensive.

"What is that lack of freedom all about?" a reporter from the Russian news agency Interfax asked the U.S. president.

Before Bush could answer, the reporter then turned on Putin and demanded to know why he was not sticking up for Russian reporters by talking about violations of the rights of American journalists.

In America, any journalist who demanded to his face that Bush take responsibility for ANYTHING would be denied all access in the future.

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