Friday, February 11, 2005

Loose Gannon

I haven't posted on the Jeff Gannon story because I really didn't give all that much of a crap at first. Or maybe I'm becoming unforgivably numb to the Bush-monster's need to manufacture the news. But the connection with Plame is another thing entirely. It's criminal, and the White House may have ordered it.

Can there be any serious question that Gannon was allowed into Bush's Daily Briefings for the sole purpose of asking phony softball questions? Can there be any serious question that his job was to shill for the White House?

How the hell ELSE did a phony reporter using a fake name get cleared to get into Bush's Daily Briefings? A "reporter" became part of the White House Press Corps without proper credentials and using a phony name - and we are we actually supposed to believe that it's a coincidence that he asked questions that came straight from Rush Limbaugh and GOP Talking Points? And it's a coincidence that Scott McClellan turn to him for a question whenever the heat became a little too hot?

And - most important - how the hell did he get access to classified CIA documents? Who gave them to him?

Media Matters has the whole thing.

Are there any OTHER plants in the White House Daily Briefings?

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