Friday, May 13, 2005

Where are your papers?

ALSO flying under the Michael Jackson Line, and therefore ignored by our pathetic, sycophantic press -

You're going to get a national ID card:

The US Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would create an electronic ID card designed to stop illegal immigrants from getting driver's licenses. The bill, which was tacked onto a measure to pay for military activities in Iraq, was passed by Congress earlier this year.

The legislation, which President George W Bush is expected to sign, requires states to issue federally approved electronic ID cards, including driver's licenses. Anyone without such a card would not be permitted to board an airplane or Amtrak train, to open a bank account or to enter a federal building.

Note that the link is to a news outlet in the UK (of course) - I had a hard time finding an AMERICAN news organization that thought that a national ID card for Americans was actually an important story.

And, just to add sliminess to injury, Your Congress didn't even have the decency to actually debate this earth-shattering step as its own bill; as you can see in the first paragraph, it was tacked onto a bill to pay for military activities in Iraq. That means that the Congress didn't WANT there to be much attention paid to this atrocity.

A question: What if President Clinton had proposed such a thing?

The right-wingers would have screamed like wild Banshees about the Evil And Oppressive Big Government Intrusion Into Our Lives, of course.

And they would have been right.

But, boy, once they get into power, they institute more Big Government Intrusion than any Democrat ever DREAMED of.

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