Saturday, May 28, 2005

Close the base for nuclear waste

Has anybody noticed that almost every law proposed by the Bushies has some truly shitty provision that's just sort of SNUCK in there, that nobody noticed?

Closed military bases could become repositories for nuclear waste under a little-noticed section of a spending bill that was passed by the House this week, exacerbating the fears of local lawmakers who are fighting the scheduled closure of four of New England's biggest bases.

The energy and water bill from the House Appropriations Committee includes $15.5 million for reprocessing of nuclear waste from power plants and construction of an interim nuclear waste dump. The legislation does not specify where that dump would be. But the Appropriations Committee report, which explains the bill, suggests that mothballed military bases be considered as potential sites for the waste.

'I'm very, very concerned about this. Our citizens would be very upset," Maine Governor John Baldacci said when he was shown the committee report language. He said he had been unaware of the proposal, and ''to think that someone could put nuclear waste there. . .is outrageous."

They write laws that are so huge that they are ALMOST impossible to read; they set them up on a timetable they makes them LITERALLY impossible to read; and then the House passes them even though they haven't read them.

And we all have to obey what that new law says.

Even though the people who passed it had no idea what it said.

How diseased is that?

And how much longer are the citizens going to put up with crap like that?

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