Wednesday, May 25, 2005


"In defiance of a presidential veto threat, senators who support embryonic stem cell research are pushing for a quick vote on a bill passed by the House that would lift restrictions on such studies." - AP

This may be Bush's first veto. Ever.

Imagine that: the first thing he EVER vetoes is a bill that will help cure the sick and save lives.

He favors KILLING life.

He opposes SAVING it.

And he stands there mouthing empty, pious phrases and claiming to be PRO-life.

And we let him get away with it.

We have allowed the right-wingers to turn language completely on its head.

We let the pro-death among us call themselves "pro-life."

We call fiscal reponsibility "conservative" when the conservatives are spendthrifts.

We allow people who stopped a vote count wear the banner of "democracy."

"Patriot Act."

"No Child Left Behind."

"First Amendment Zone."

The Looking-Glass Lingo comes fast and furious.

We on the left have GOT to reclaim the language if we are to accomplish anything at all.

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