Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Opinions are now 50$

The New York Times is going to start restricting access to its online op-ed pages, and charging $50 a year for the privilege of looking at them.

And I don't think I've ever seen a stupider action that I am not personally responsible for.

So, sadly, I will no longer be able to link to Maureen Dowd, Bob Herbert, Thomas Friedman or Paul Krugman on this page.

I can't believe that the Times is so stupid that they don't realize that that will quickly render Dowd, Herbert, Friedman and Krugman irrelevant to the national discussion.

Don't they realize that we live in a world where even clowns like me can give themselves a forum and write their idiotic opinions?

And there are people like Markos Zuniga, Digby and John Aravosis who are really GOOD at it an aren't at ALL clowns.

Doesn't the Times realize that the more common a commodity is, the LESS valuable it becomes? It's called supply and demand.

Well, the supply of Punditry has exploded right off the scale. What makes them think they can successfully start CHARGING for it?

And why on earth would they think that REDUCING the exposure given to their columnists is going to INCREASE their notoriety?

How stupid.

How sad.

Bye, Paul. Bye, Maureen. Perhaps in the future you guys will start working for a company that doesn't prevent you from being heard.

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