Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Remember John Bolton? No, no, not Michael Bolton; get them straight: Michael Bolton is the guy who tried and failed to sing soul music. John Bolton is the guy who tried and failed to appear unrepulsive.

Anywho, hot on the heels of the Downing Street Memo, we find out that John Bolton engineered the firing of diplomat Jose Bustani, because (ready?) Bustani was in danger of successfully using diplomacy to avoid war.

HORRORS. We can't tolerate diplomats who actually practice diplomacy.

Remember when Bush CLAIMED that he was seeking peaceful solutions to his manufactured crisis? Remember that? Didn't you suspect at the time that it was total bullshit? You probably felt that way because "Bush wants a peaceful solution" is an oxymoronic statement, and we all knew it.

But now it isn't a suspicion, it's a stone fact: Bush wanted a war. And he was willing to lie, cheat and deceive in order to create one.

And if we had a REAL press, this story would be the headline of every newspaper in the country.

John R. Bolton flew to Europe in 2002 to confront the head of a global arms-control agency and demand he resign, then orchestrated the firing of the unwilling diplomat in a move a U.N. tribunal has since judged unlawful, according to officials involved.

A former Bolton deputy says the U.S. undersecretary of state felt Jose Bustani "had to go," particularly because the Brazilian was trying to send chemical weapons inspectors to Baghdad. That might have helped defuse the crisis over alleged Iraqi weapons and undermined a U.S. rationale for war.

Imagine that: he was fired because his actions might have DEFUSED A CRISIS.

He was fired for trying to send Chemical Weapons Inspectors to inspect for weapons.

Bush and Bolton knew that if Baghdad had been inspected, they would have found no weapons. and his phony excuse for war would have gone up in smoke.

And Bush NEEDED a crisis because he wanted a war.

Leaving George W. Bush in office is an insult to every soldier who has died from his lies. It's denying them justice.

And the Republican Party has become so totally unprincipled and morally bankrupt that they won't even CONSIDER impeaching him for crimes that make Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.

Lies that have cause thousands of needless deaths. Manufacturing an endless war. Placing every single American - you, me, EVERYone - in danger just to line his own filthy pockets.

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