Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Crisis of Bullshit

The lack of recruitment points out a fatal, and obvious, flaw in Bush's thinking:

You can't fight a war without public support.

And that's why Bush lied about his reasons for starting the war. He lied because he KNEW that his REAL reasons WOULD NOT be supported by the public. So he did what the polls told him to do: the polls told him that the ONE REASON that would make the public support military action was the fear that Hussein had Weapons ofMass Destruction. So Bush chose that as the official lie.

But now the public knows that that was BS. And they know the real reasons we were led to war. So now Bush exactly where he would have been if he had told the truth: no public support. Except that NOW, he has no public support and an ACTIVE WAR. As usual, Bush took a problem and turned it into a crisis with nothing but his own skill.

Now he has a crisis caused by his own bullshit.

And he STILL won't admit that he made a mistake.

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