Saturday, June 11, 2005

Republicans shoot Big Bird

A House subcommittee voted yesterday to sharply reduce the federal government's financial support for public broadcasting, including eliminating taxpayer funds that help underwrite such popular children's educational programs as "Sesame Street," "Reading Rainbow," "Arthur" and "Postcards From Buster."

In addition, the subcommittee acted to eliminate within two years all federal money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting -- which passes federal funds to public broadcasters -- starting with a 25 percent reduction in CPB's budget for next year, from $400 million to $300 million. - Washington Post

Need I point out that - as disgusting as this action is - it's a giant gift-wrapped political gift to the Democrats that they could EASILY use to beat the Republicans senseless, should they be so inclined?

But they won't, because that would be MEAN.

Howard Dean says something accurate, and the right-wingers pull it out of context and use it as a weapons.

The Republicans decide to target Sesame Street in the name of "liberal bias" - and the Democrats say nothing.

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