Thursday, June 16, 2005

Patriot (sic) Act

Bush hates to veto things so much that he's bankrupted the United States rather than veto ANYthing. So when Bush actually threatens to USE the veto, you know that he wants something truly, truly reprehensible.

Now, he's all pissy that even his fellow Republicans don't think the FBI should be checking on your reading materials.

The House voted Wednesday to block a provision of the USA Patriot Act that makes it easier for federal investigators to review the records of libraries and bookstores on national security grounds.

The White House has threatened to veto the measure if it impedes the Patriot Act, and Mr. Bush as recently as Tuesday personally urged lawmakers to renew the law.

But it shows you how totally screwed up we've become that this unamerican garbage is even a matter of debate.

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