Thursday, June 16, 2005

The PR is offensive

"The people aren't buying my bullshit! What should I do?"

Bullshit MORE, of course.

White House officials acknowledged yesterday that the public's gloomy mood about the Iraq war is forcing President Bush to take a more assertive and public role to reassure nervous Americans and Republican lawmakers about the White House plan for victory.

Bush had hoped the successful January elections in Iraq would boost the popularity of the conflict and allow him to distance himself from it. But his aides have concluded that recent events in Iraq have contributed to an erosion in support for the president -- and that he needs to shift strategies. Bush's new approach will be mostly rhetorical, however, as the White House does not plan any changes to the policy or time frame for bringing home the 140,000 U.S. troops, as some lawmakers are demanding.

Why is Bush such a disaster? Because he CANNOT CHANGE HIS MIND.

That's not "resolute" - that's a rockheaded asshole.

Things in Iraq SUCK. Bush's solution is do just keep doing what has failed, failed, failed, and PRETEND that it hasn't.

And the scary thing is that some Americans actually don't see what a horrible way that is to run things.

He's running the country into the ground while whistling a happy tune.

And he thinks the solution is to just whistle LOUDER.

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