Thursday, June 30, 2005


Just in case, you all missed it, Tuesday night President Johnson told us all how well things were going in Vietnam.


Bush seems to still be laboring under the mad illusion that Iraq had something to do with 9/11. Not only is he still croaking that same monotonous tune, but he's even doing it in the same, insulting way: he doesn't actually SAY that there's a connection, but by continuously invoking them together, he is able to both IMPLY that there is a connection, and DENY that he ever made the connection.

And his obsequious followers are so enthralled by their pathetic hero worship that they think a man who does THAT can still be considered honest.

He also says that we will leave once the Iraqi army is able to deal with the "insurgency."

And not only does he refuse to say when that will be - how many years, how many lives - but he doesn't see the obvious: WE haven't been able to deal with the insurgency. How the hell is the Iraqi army ever going to?

We are supposed to have the most powerful military in the WORLD, and we can't even secure the road from Bagdhad to the airport. We have not shown the ability to handle this kind of opposition. But we expect the IRAQI ARMY to be able to? REALLY?

He ALSO blathered out the same tired old line about how "We are fighting them there instead of fighting them here."

1) That's a REALLY hateful sentiment if you're an Iraqi. If accurate, it means that Bush flooded Iraq with Al Qaeda terrorists ON PURPOSE, so he could turn THEIR COUNTRY into a battlefield in a war that they had nothing to do with. What a guy. Gee, why don't they love us? That's the way to win the old hearts and minds.

2) It makes no sense: it isn't like this is a war that has a DMZ and a line of battle. Fighting people in Iraq is obviously not doing damned thing to prevent terrorists from striking here. The September 11th attack was carried out by 20 guys.

3) It's contradictory. If "we are fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here," what's this crap about turning things over to the Iraqi Army? Is Bush saying that he is going to place the safety and security of the United States into the hands of the Iraqi Army?

Well, if fighting in Iraq is for OUR safety and security, then that's EXACTLY what he's saying when he says he's going to turn it over to them.

And that's one of the many ways you know that even HE doesn't believe his BS.

If the man was capable of shame, he would be ashamed of himself - going before the American People at a time of crisis with such worthless codswallop. And only someone desperate would even TRY.

It looks to me as thought the Bush administration might be in its last throes.

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