Sunday, June 19, 2005

The more things change...

A reader alerted me to this from looking through the archives: Lo, these many moons ago - March 27, 2004, to be exact - I wrote this post which details one of Bill Frist's lies. And just below I have a post called "Frist is a liar." That isn't surprising - compulsive liars show remarkable consistency. But this is what I noticed. The post was about the Bushites Reaction to Richard Clarke saying that the White House largely ignored the terrorist threat prior to 9/11. And I wrote this:

"[T]his whole thing is making me wonder. Clarke's testimony was indeed gripping and damaging, but the White House's reaction has been truly bizarre. They just started running around like lunatics, throwing out wild accusations, contradicting each other, contradicting themselves, and not even CARING if what they were saying was even slightly convincing, as long as there was a flood of it.

Frankly, they are acting guilty as hell. REALLY guilty.

FAR more guilty than Clarke's statements make them out to be.

And it really does make me wonder if there isn't some information that is REALLY damning and that they REALLY are terrified of becoming public.

And now we have the Downing Street Memo.


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