Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Good morning, Saigon

Amazingly, this was a top story. Good. If the news from Iraq (for a daily update, check this site) actually starts getting reported instead of ignored, it's a giant step in the right direction.
Marines win Iraq desert battle, war far from over
U.S. Marines claimed success on Tuesday in another battle against insurgents in the Iraqi desert but acknowledged that the war was far from over and that guerrillas would soon recover lost ground...

"Yeah, in a couple of weeks they'll be back and they'll make up for these losses. But that's fine, because we're not beating them in two weeks. We're beating them in two years."

Mohammed Solfeij, 33, whose house is on the outskirts of Karabila near where the Americans first entered the town, said the insurgents would be back "as soon as the Americans leave."

"The people are suffering. Most of them have fled to live in the desert," he said.

Gee, didn't Cheney just say that the insurgency was in its "last throes"? The people actually on the ground don't seem to haven't gotten the news. I wonder how many "throes" they have left? Sure sounds like a bunch.

We drive them out of a town, and then LEAVE so they can come back. That's completely insane. But we have no choice. It's a direct result of Rumsfeld's brilliant theory that you fight a war more effectively with fewer people. He actually believes that. There just aren't enough people there to HOLD the areas after they win them.

And the insurgency keeps recruiting more people, since every day of our occupation feeds right into their desired PR. And we keep LOSING people. Recruiting is WAY down, since the people who favor this stupid war think that it's only OTHER people who should fight it.

This looks more like Vietnam every day.

And the Neocon Death Cult never got over being wrong in Vietnam.

So the idiots are still trying to prove that Vietnam WASN'T a bad idea.

So they went and did it again.

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