Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Tyranny of Balance

Some people have pointed out that the media operate on what is called "The Tyranny of Balance" - the need to present "two sides" to every issue without comment or critical thinking. Even when one side is transparently ludicrous, and not legitimate at all.

It is only a slight exagerration to say that if the modern media has a Holocaust survivor on the air, they feel the need to ALSO have a Holocaust denier for "balance," and to treat the two sides as though they have equal validity.

Anywho, a less dramatic example of this is the press waxing orgasmic over "Cheney vs. Dean." To wit:

Two things of note:

1) What Cheney says is a plain INSULT. "Maybe his mother loves him, but I've never met anybody who does." But what Dean says ISN'T. He just says that he doesn't CARE what Cheney thinks of him, and of course, he shouldn't. And yet this "news" item treats the two statements as though they were of equal nastiness, and equally polarizing.

2) What Cheney says is FACTUALLY FALSE - "He's never won anything, as far as I can tell." Dean, of course, was elected Governor of Vermont five times. And yet you won't find a single word in the entire rest of the article where the "reporter" (sic) takes the trouble to point out that Cheney's insult is plain FALSE.

The liberal media strike again.

Did I just type "waxing orgasmic"?

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