Monday, June 27, 2005

Support WHAT mission?

The Babbling Heads who are responsible for disseminating the news suddenly seem rather breathless over the latest polls which show VERY LOW support for the Iraqi War.

General John Abizaid has actually been reduced to asking the American People to support the war, because public support is necessary to "the mission."

Left unsaid in all this chatter is one simple fact:


There is essentially NO difference between now and two years ago in American support for "the mission." Rather, there is a growing awareness that what is happening in Iraq is NOT what we were told the mission WAS.

What the American People supported was the removal of WMDs from the hands of Saddam Hussein. That's it, and that's all. Don't lose sight of that.

The American People NEVER supported this idiotic neocon theory of using warfare to spread democracy. When the hell did ANY poll show widespread support for THAT? Never, that's when.

So why are they expecting us to support it NOW? Have any events made that stupid idea seem like a good one?

We were told that "the mission" was to get rid of weapons that could kill us. We were told that going to war in Iraq was NECESSARY because Saddam Hussein had chemical and biological weapons.

And that was FALSE.

In fact, Bush used WMDs as an excuse BECAUSE it was the only excuse he could think of that would garner public support. He didn't say what was true - he said what he thought would work.

But if the American People had been told from the get-go, "We want to start a war because we have a theory about how we can force Democracy on the Middle East" the response would have been, "What are you - CRAZY?" Which is exactly what the response is now.

And that's WHY Bush didn't say that.

There has been NO real loss of support for the war in Iraq. It was never there in the first place.

If people support a war on the basis of false justifications, then they don't really support the actual war, do they?

The Citizens of the United States have finally realized that this war is REALLY about something that they have NEVER supported.

The American People support wars of necessity, not wars of choice.

The American People support the TROOPS.

Not the criminals who lied to the troops.

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