Friday, April 22, 2005

Shocker - Pope condemns gays

Ratzinger isn't wasting time

Pope Benedict XVI has responded firmly to the first challenge of his papacy by condemning a Spanish government bill allowing marriage between homosexuals.

The bill, passed by parliament's Socialist-dominated lower house, also allows gay couples to adopt.

A senior Vatican official described the bill - which is likely to become law within a few months - as iniquitous.

He said Roman Catholic officials should be prepared to lose their jobs rather than co-operate with the law.

You know what? Spain will almost certainly respond to this with a big yawn. Spain - which was once the most Catholic of countries - probably couldn't give a raw crap about what the Pope says anymore. And that rapid secularization has taken place largely BECAUSE of the Vatican's total lack of sense and complete cluelessness about real life in the modern world. And the Vatican still doesn't get it.

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