Saturday, April 23, 2005

Boys will be boys

Big Dick is trying to use his non-existent charm to push through Bolton:

"If being occasionally tough and aggressive were a problem, there are a lot of members of the U.S. Senate who wouldn't qualify," Cheney said in a speech to Republican lawyers, echoing an increasingly common defense of Bolton.

I guess that Dick Cheney calls this being "tough and aggressive":

"Mr. Bolton proceeded to chase me through the halls of a Russian hotel -- throwing things at me, shoving threatening letters under my door and, generally, behaving like a madman. For nearly two weeks, while I awaited fresh direction from my company and from US AID, John Bolton hounded me in such an appalling way that I eventually retreated to my hotel room and stayed there. Mr. Bolton, of course, then routinely visited me there to pound on the door and shout threats." - Testimony of Melody Townsel

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