Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ethics Rule Reversal

This is Reid's doing, I think:

U.S. House Republican leaders have decided to roll back a rule change that has left the ethics committee in a stalemate for weeks, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

The rules were approved in January by the Republican-led House after Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas was admonished by the ethics panel on three separate matters in 2004.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the package was certain to include a reversal of the rule that would automatically dismiss an ethics complaint after 45 days if the committee is deadlocked, according to the report.

A House Republican aide told the newspaper the automatic-dismissal rule was "the rule that is most commonly believed to be designed to protect Tom DeLay" and that it was "impossible to win the communications battle" on it.

Yes, I know Reid isn't in the House. But he has done a terrific job in using the Republicans actions as tools to beat them over the head with. If the Republicans find "impossible to win the communications battle on it," it's because Harry Reid has defined it, and used it to define the Republican Party.

The Republicans tried to change the ethics rules to protect one of their unethical own. And Reid shone a spotlight on it.

And we know what roaches do when the light is turned on.

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