Saturday, April 02, 2005

Less Government

Isn't it NICE to know that Republicans believe in a less intrusive, smaller government?
The government requested and won approval for a record number of special warrants last year for secret wiretaps and searches of suspected terrorists and spies, 75 percent more than in 2000, the Bush administration disclosed yesterday...

Operating with permission from a secretive U.S. court that meets regularly at Justice headquarters, the FBI has used such warrants to break into homes, offices, hotel rooms and automobiles, install hidden cameras, search luggage and eavesdrop on telephone conversations. Agents also have pried into safe deposit boxes, watched from afar with video cameras and binoculars and intercepted e-mails.

I mean, can you imagine what they would be doing if they believe in MORE intrusive government?

There'd be a hidden camera in your toilet seat.

Oh, great - now that I thought of it, I have to go check.

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