Saturday, April 30, 2005

Nixon and Rumsfeld

Nice to know that the original corrupt sons of bitches are back in charge, isn't it?

NIXON: It doesn't help. It hurts with the blacks and it doesn't help with the rednecks because the rednecks don't think any Negroes are any good.


NIXON: The second point is that coming out - coming back and saying black Americans aren't as good as black Africans - most of them, basically, are just out of the trees. Now let's face it, they are. ... Now, my point is, if we say that, they say, "Well, by God!" Well, even the Southerners say, [affecting a drawl] "Well, our n-gg-rs is just better than their n-gg-rs."

Rumsfeld laughs.

Nixon: You know, that's the way they talk.

RUMSFELD: That's right.

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