Friday, April 29, 2005

9 car bombs

went off in Iraq and killed 23 people.

At least 23 people, including civilians and Iraqi forces, were killed and up to 93 people were wounded today in nine car bombs in the Baghdad area, just one day after the first fully and freely elected government in Iraq's history was approved.

Three car bombs exploded in the Al-Madain, killing nine people; two car bombs were detonated in the Al-Ghadeer area of Baghdad, killing one, and in Al-Adhamiya neighborhood 13 people were killed in four car bombs, according to the Interior Ministry. Of the dead, seven were civilians and the rest of the casualties were Iraqi forces, the ministry said.

The nine bombings suggested that fighters in Iraq were keeping up the momentum of an undiminished insurgency.

Bush's top General says that the insurgency is just as strong as a year ago.

There is a pattern here: the attacks go through a lull for a while, during which the press talks about how the insurgency is disappearing, and then they start up again, but more sophisticated, more organized and more effective.

And I'm sure the troops on the ground and the Generals have noticed.

But the press is supposed to pretend not to.

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