Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Independent Judiciary

To hear the Republicans talk, you would swear that the American judiciary was a screaming hotbed of socialism, with judges secretly having a hammer and sickle tatooed on their chests under their black robes.

Like most of the excreta that emanates from the Republican mouth, this one is directly in the teeth of the facts.

Most of the judges in the United States are Republican appointees. You would never know it, would you?

Out of the nine judges on the Supreme Court, seven were appointed by Republican Presidents.

There are 13 federal appeals courts in the country. Out of those 13, ten have majorities that were apppointed by Republican Presidents.

There are 162 appeals court judges. 94 were appointed by Republican Presidents. (source: LA Times)

Bush has sent 215 judges to the Senate for confirmation. Out of the 215, 205 have been confirmed.

And the Republicans STILL WON'T STOP WHINING.

Did you ever see a group of grownups whine like such children because they only get their own way 95% of the time?

See, it isn't enough for them to appoint all the judges: they want to appoint all the judges and then guarantee that those judges will always rule the way that they are told to rule.

Which, of course, a judge is not supposed to do. That's the whole idea of having a judge. A judge isn't SUPPOSED to be influenced by politics, but the Republicans get incensed when they aren't.

The Republicans hate an independent judiciary.

They hate an independent ANYTHING.

And I'm beginning to think that they hate independence itself.

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