Saturday, April 16, 2005

Get me rewrite.

"House Republicans brushed aside the Democrats' latest attempt to rewrite ethics rules on Thursday, one day after a closed-door discussion that touched on the perils of political arrogance." - AP

1) Notice the transaparent bias in the article's opening sentence: "the Democrats' latest attempt to rewrite ethics rules." It sounds like it came right out of an RNC press release, and maybe it did. Those nasty Democrats - they are always trying to rewrite the ethics rules. In this case, of course, the Democrats were trying to undo the fact that the Republicans' ALREADY rewrote the ethics rules to protect Delay. The Democrats aren't "trying to rewrite" them - they are trying to go back to what they were before the Republicans rewrote them. It's the REPUBLICANS who keep rewriting the ethics rules, not the Democrats.

2) In a demonstration of just how pathetic the press has become, you can search this AP article all day long and one thing you will not find is what's actually in the bloody bill. Reading this "news" article leaves you stone ignorant. You wind up with NO idea of what they actually voted on, beyond that it had some relationship to "ethics."

3) What the Democrats are doing is perfect: The idea isn't to rewrite ethics rules - they know that won't pass. Instead, they are rewriting the public political narrative. And that narrative says that the Republicans are unethical and corrupt. Pelosi and Reid seem to understand that you don't merely propose bills for the purpose of making law: you propose them to make a statement about what you stand for, and to force the other party into exposing what they stand for.

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