Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Charge him or free him

"A federal judge on Monday ordered the Bush administration to either charge or release an American suspected of plotting terrorist attacks with Al Qaeda, saying that his continued confinement after nearly three years would "only offend the rule of law."

Government lawyers, who had no immediate reaction to the order, are likely to appeal the ruling quickly and forestall any immediate release of the man they have portrayed as a grave threat to American security. - LA Times

DUH. You can't imprison a man unless you actually charge him with a crime. What a concept. Imagine that.

Well, pardon me for pointing this out, butI thought that went without saying. I thought that was one of those things we all learned in elementary school when the teacher explained to us what made America America.

What I want to know is - when the hell did that even become a QUESTION? When did we decide that such a rock-bottom, foundational Constitutional principle was open to DEBATE?

When Bush found the Constitution inconvenient, that's when.

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