Sunday, March 06, 2005


As you probably know, the Republicans are about to pay back the credit card companies for their bribe by passing a bankruptcy bill that screws the middle class and let's the corporations off scot-free. Unlike Social Security, this one will probably pass unless the Dems filibuster, and they may not even have enough to filibuster.

So if it's going to pass, use it to add to the narrative. There is no question in my mind that this bill would be EXTREMELY unpopular with the public, if only the press would focus on it and if the public was even aware that it was happening. So write to Congresspeople (especially the bought-and-paid-for Democrats who are voting for it), write to newspapers, and make sure that it is used to make the public aware that Republicans voted "yes" to corporate rape and predatory business practices.

Here's a well-researched article on kos that's a very good primer on the whole thing.

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