Thursday, March 17, 2005

Surprise , surprise

Those prisoners that we send to other countries that practice torture? Do you know how we know that they aren't torturing prisoners? They TELL us so.

Holy crap.

"The system the CIA relies on to ensure that the suspected terrorists it transfers to other countries will not be tortured has been ineffective and virtually impossible to monitor, according to current and former intelligence officers and lawyers, as well as counterterrorism officials who have participated in or reviewed the practice."

To comply with anti-torture laws that bar sending people to countries where they are likely to be tortured, the CIA's office of general counsel requires a verbal assurance from each nation that detainees will be treated humanely, according to several recently retired CIA officials familiar with such transfers, known as renditions.

One CIA officer involved with renditions, however, called the assurances from other countries "a farce."

Verbal assurance.

"Oh, yeah - you aren 't gonna torture this guy, right?" (wink, wink)

" Would WE do that?" (wink, wink)

I guess the winks aren't considered "verbal."

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