Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sun Myung Moon: Down with Democracy

"The United States is proud of its democratic system, which carries the idea of brotherhood. She has to adopt the ideas of Parents and Godism. We have to discard relationships that resulted from the Fall.

"It is time to have a new organization in a new era; then we can start with a strong mind. All of us have to have positive, active minds. As was done in Korea, you have to provide Divine Principle education to senators, congressmen, high national officials and those on the local level." - Sun Myung Moon, Owner of the Washington Times, owner of United Press International (UPI), founder of the Unification Church and Republican benefactor.

This was recent.

Keep in mind: this is the guy who owns one of the premier propaganda "newspapers" of the right-wing. The Washington Times. George W. Bush's favorite newspaper.

This is the lunatic has had a coronation ceremony in a Senate Office Building and was physically crowned by a Congressman.(I'm not making that up.)
"I want to salute Reverend Moon who is the founder of the Washington Times and of the newspaper here.

"A lot of my friends in South America don't know about the Washington Times but it is an independent voice. The editors of the Washington Times tell me that never once has the man with the vision interfered with the running of the paper, a paper that in my view brings sanity to Washington DC." - George W. Bush

As atrios accurately points out, when some left-winger you've never heard of says something stupid, his idiotic statement gets trumpeted all over the press with loud declamations. But THIS guy, who has enormous power, money and influence, who own a major newspaper and wire service, not to mention owning few Congressmen and Senators, flies completely under the radar, and his insane statements are almost totally ignored by the so-called liberal media.

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